STEM Workshop

In the sidelines of the SAMSA 2022 Conference UEM will organize a STEM Workshop, from 23   November to 24 November, for Mathematics Teachers and students in Pre-University schools in Mozambique.

The purpose of the workshop is to enhance pre-university mathematics teachers’ skills in teaching mathematics. The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Improve mathematics teaching strategy and delivery skills
  • Improve mathematical learning and teaching skills
  • Contribute towards the Mozambique Education & Training Sector Strategic Plan goals
  • Improve awareness of the role of mathematics in national building

The long term goal is to achieve improved students’ results in secondary mathematics and to prepare them for STEM courses at the university.

Thematic areas to be covered include:

  • Critical role of mathematics in pre-university education and in STEM -related subjects
  • Experience sharing and challenges uncounted in teaching mathematics at pre-university schools
  • Pedagogies of teaching mathematics
  • Exploring mathematics teaching methods, e.g technology
  • Outcome -based education
  • Improved critical thinking and problem solving skills among pre-university students
  • The place of technology in  teaching mathematics in the modern world
  • Demonstration of activities in mathematics


Balbina Muthemba,

Ribas Guambe,

Suzanne Lenhart, 

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