SAMSA stands for Southern Africa Mathematical Sciences Association. It was established in  1981 by a group of mathematicians in the Southern African countries who were concerned with furtherance of mathematical sciences in the region. The nucleus member countries included those from the conglomeration then called the Southern African Development Coordination Council (SADCC) with the provision that countries outside this region may apply to join. Today, the association boasts of membership from countries beyond Southern Africa, including Uganda in Eastern Africa, Norway and UK in Europe, and USA. The Association envision to be the leading mathematical sciences organization in promoting mathematical sciences and their applications through research and training, attracting publications and membership from world class researchers and students. 

The first ever SAMSA conference was held in Botswana in 1981. Since then the conferences are held annually in the last week of November or first week of December rotating in the SAMSA member countries. Mozambique hosted SAMSA conference for the first time in 1996 then recently in 2008.

The SAMSA conferences have over the years served as an avenue for the exchange of knowledge, information and provoking new ideas in problem solving among experts from Southern Africa’s academic, industrial and commercial sectors and beyond. They have also served to promote cooperation and exchange of ideas in mathematical sciences research and teaching. For further details please visit http://samsa-math.org/

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