UEM will host the 2022 Masamu Advanced Study Institute (MASI) and workshop from 18th to 27th November, 2022, in conjunction with the 2022 SAMSA conference. The primary goal of the Masamu program is to enhance research in mathematical sciences within SAMSA institutions through promotion of international research collaboration. MASI is a key component of the Masamu Program and provides a platform for such collaboration. The target audiences of MASI are undergraduate and graduate students, post-doctoral students, and early career faculty who work in teams on problems and promising techniques and develop plans for future collaboration. Team research activity is facilitated by research faculty members from the US-Africa Collaborative Research Network.  Participants are provided relevant materials to review before arriving at the institute. Each team will work on specific research topics during the institute and will present results of their work as well as future plans at the Masamu research workshop held at the conclusion of MASI.  In subsequent months, participants will continue to collaboratively work on these research topics, prepare research grant proposals, prepare journal publications as well as make presentations at conferences including future SAMSA conferences. The Masamu Program has support for a limited number of qualified participants through funding from the United States of America National Science Foundation (NSF) under Award No. 2015425 granted to Auburn University.  To apply to attend the Masamu Advanced Study Institute (MASI) and Research Workshop, please complete the online application which can be found at https://masamu.auburn.edu.

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