Mathematical Sciences for Technology Innovation and Human Development


The Faculty of Science of Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) is organising the2022 annual SAMSA conference. This conference will create a platform for the dissemination of research ideas and results, networking among mathematical scientists and present an opportunity for upcoming researchers to engage with seasoned experts in the mathematical sciences. For detailed and up to date information about SAMSA kindly visit  (

Goals of the Conference

The SAMSA 2022 conference has the fundamental objective of establishing a platform for networking, interaction and learning between mathematicians in the region, as well as bringing together scientists working in the various areas of mathematics and in all fields of science that use mathematics, to share new trends in mathematics applications. Developments in the field of mathematics and applied mathematics open up new areas of research, not only in pure mathematics, but also in all other fields of science that make use of mathematics. More specifically, SAMSA 2022 has the following objectives:

  • Stimulate regional and international collaboration in training, research and outreach within the region and beyound;
  • Establish an interdisciplinary platform for policy makers, managers, researchers, professionals and educators to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends and concerns, as well as practical challenges and solutions adopted in different areas of application of mathematics;
  • Raise the level of interest in mathematics in the country;
  • Raise institutional visibility locally and internationally;
  • Carry out work on the MASAMU program;
  • Approve the report of the past annual meeting and elect new bodies for the SAMSA steering committee;
  • Academic and cultural interaction among the participants.


There will be a conference registration fee of US$250. Students will be required to pay a subsidised registration fee of US$150 provided they present their valid student identification card. For a virtual participation, a participant will be required to pay a registration fee of US$125 and US$75, depending on your situation as a Researcher or Student, respectively.

Conference program

Updated Conference program available here 

Book of Abstracts

Book of Abstracts available here.


Presentations at the conference will cover all fields of Mathematical Sciences, including but not limited to:
– Algebra;
– Analysis;
– Geometry;
– Fluid Dynamics;
– Topology;
– Discrete Mathematics;
– Financial Mathematics;
– Mathematical Biology;
– Mathematics for Industry;
– Mathematics Education;
– Theoretical Physics;
– Statistics;
– Biostatistics;
– Data Science;
– Machine Learning; and
– Artificial Intelligence.

Venue Site

Some of the Conference activities will be held in the
Department of Mathematics and Informatics (DMI) and
others on the Pedagogical Complex Building, at the Main
Campus in Maputo City. The University Main Campus is
situated about 7.4 Km from Maputo International Airport
and 6 Km to Maputo City Centre.

English will be the official language of the conference. Efforts to have translation from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese are underway.

Covid-19 Requirements
To gain entry into Mozambique passengers will need proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test administered in their country of departure within 72 hours prior to arrival in Mozambique. Children under 11 years old are exempt from this requirement. For further details visit:


Local currency is the Mozambique Metical (MZN) and banknotes are in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Meticais. Coins are provided in denominations of 50 centavos, 1, 2, 5 and 10 Meticais. 1 Metical is the equivalent of 100 Centavos. There are many local Forex bureaus and banks around the conference venue, some of them open 24 hours. Major credit cards including MasterCard and foreign Visa cards are accepted by most upmarket hotels, lodges, restaurants, retail outlets & vehicle rental services.
When travelling to Mozambique via vehicle, make sure you carry a sufficient amount of cash in both local currencies for border fees because not all border posts accept credit cards nor have the facilities to do an electronic t ransaction as such. Most border posts accept currencies from the countryyou’re entering from however kindly contact the border authorities directly to confirm.

Visa Information
Invitation/Acceptance Letters for Visa Purposes:

If your abstract has been accepted and you
require a visa to enter Mozambique, send a
copy of the first page of your passport to


Hotel Maputo

3500 MZN Double Room

3000 MZN Single Room


6175 MZN Standard


5500 MZN Standard

City Lodge

6175 MZN Standard

Gloria Hotel

6300 MZN Standard

Bank account details

1.Account: 791133
2.Account name: UEM – Faculdade de Matemática
3.NIB: 000100000000079113357
4.IBAN: MZ59000100000000079113357
5.Swift Code: BIMOMZMX
6.Counter: Corporate Maputo
7.Bank: Millennium BIM

Important Dates

November 22-25, 2022: SAMSA2022 Conference dates